Carroll County Government Hands Out Challenge Coins

Jack Lyburn, director of the Carroll county Department of Economic Development, had a challenge coin made to hand out to brokers and site locators in hopes of drawing new business into the county.


“Hopefully this is some little trinket, a marketing tool, that challenges them to put their company here and [let them know] we are the right people to help them do this,” Lyburn said.

Jack was first introduced to the tradition of the challenge coin during his service with the Navy. He thought this unique motivational tool and token of appreciation would be a welcomed change for the brokers he dealt with.

“Some people would give brokers a coffee mug or a trinket, but I’m not into that,” Lyburn said. “How many coffee mugs do you think a broker has? I thought a challenge coin would be great.”

Best wishes to Carroll Country and their efforts to boost the economy.

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