Clackamas Fire District #1 held a Lifesaving Coin ceremony at the training center in Clackamas, presenting 58 coins to first responders who directly assisted in the survival of six cardiac arrest patients who were resuscitated in the field, transported to a hospital and were eventually discharged neurologically intact.


During the ceremony, Division Chief Bill Conway noted that the survivors “were literally found not breathing, not conscious.”

Conway says their odds of survival were greatly increased by the department’s utilization of the “Chain of Survival” developed by the American Heart Association.

This five-step process is the standard of care for cardiac arrest and relies on early recognition of the condition, early CPR, rapid defibrillation and advanced emergency medical services, along with post-resuscitative care.

In Pottratz’s case, the first responder on the scene, chiropractor Dr. Jonathan Wong, began immediate chest compressions. Off-duty Gresham police Detective Dan Marciano, who was buying milk at the store, joined in the lifesaving efforts until the emergency crews could arrive.

Both Marciano and Wong, along with seven other responders, were awarded coins for rendering aid to Pottratz during his cardiac arrest. Pottratz made his way down the line of people, handing each a challenge coin and shaking their hands.


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