You may have images of what a grandmother looks like. Maybe there is a vision of rocking chairs, apple pies and fresh-baked cookies. Not so. I am here to inform you this is false. Today women over 50 are not taking retirement lightly, or curling up in a ball—they are renewing a new chapter in life. So can you!

Meet Liberty University grad  Barbara Conner, who majored in psychology, and graduated in 2015. As a life coach, Conner decided the time was right to get her degree. She kept it a secret from many, until her name was called to collect her diploma. She didn’t want to take the thunder away from her granddaughter graduating at the same time!


“Today, I have my treasured diploma hanging on my office wall and a beautiful military spouse challenge coin awarded by Liberty University that remind me of a great decision made and an achievement for which I am very proud. From the business perspective, I am applying positive psychology in a more effective way to best support my clients. What an amazing journey!”

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