It was a sun-soaked afternoon when Folsom Police Sgt. Lou Wright spotted the subjects on a quiet street in a picturesque neighborhood.

He knew he had to made a move. Even though the 11-year veteran had no prior contact with the individuals, his officer instinct told him to zero-in on what was happening.

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The focus of his attention was three males who were moving about wildly right about here, and they were passing something back and forth, sometimes tossing it up into the air.

“I approached them and I said give me the ball, let me play with you,” Wright said. “You guys can teach me a few things and just started shootin’ some hoops with ’em.”

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The interaction didn’t stop there. He found out it was the twins’ birthday.

“I told them I had to run back to the station real quick and I went and got three of our department challenge coins,” he said.

The coin includes the Folsom Police Department values, and might as well have the face of Wright.


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