Recently, a crew from the local business installed two new, customized landing pads for the fire poles at Central Fire Station.

“When we come down the poles there are landing pads, and our older pads had basically disintegrated over time,” Seguin Fire Battalion Chief Tom Teboe said.

With the landing pads nearly nonexistent, firefighter Tony Gonzales began looking into ways to replace them and contacted Water Park Excitement, Teboe said.


“We worked with him (Gonzales), he sent us the coin, we showed the guys and they said ‘No problem,’ they could build it,” she said. “They just look at a picture and just carve.”

After seeing the final product, Teboe said he was in awe of Nunez and Trujillo’s work.

“They didn’t go off a template, they just looked at the coin,” he said. “Everything, including the shadowing coming off the coin, they were able to incorporate. It is impressive.”


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